Planning summary

When coming to plan for my music video I would say it has been the most detailed and time consuming process. Although it being the most time consuming process it was definitely the most useful and effective in the creation of my main music video and the ancillary products.

I began my planning with generating ideas, where I for example researched different song ideas and locations where I could film my music video. Conducting these tasks were useful as it allowed me to plan how I wanted to create my music therefore saving time when actually coming to create it.

In relation to the pre-production stage of the planning processes of my course work. I created tasks such as a story board and shooting schedule, which I followed as much as possible when preparing to shoot, as it gave me an idea of how I wanted my music video to look. My storyboard was my original ideas for my music video and how I wanted to represent the song. I therefore followed the scenes of the storyboard whilst traveling around New York so I could meet my original ideas as much as possible and not divert from the story line.

My planning tasks came to an end with tasks such as contacting the band and artist of who’s song i’m using, and actor release. Conducting tasks like these were important as it allowed me to gain permission from the artist and the actors to use them in my music which would be useful in future if I am contacted with any rights problems.


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