Research Summary

I have now completed the majority of my research tasks. Completing this tasks was effective because I now have a clearer and broader understanding of the A2 course itself  and what I am going to do when I come to create my music video.

I began by analysing similar products for example magazine adverts and digipaks which was useful as it allowed me explore the codes and conventions used for each and allowed me to see what kind of digipaks and adverts are used in the real world and that are successful in and amongst the media industry.

Next I analysed a previous students work which was useful as helped inspire me on what types of songs I could use and the different narrative ideas, whether that was performance, conceptual or narrative based. This then lead to me to my next blog post where I researched the different types of music styles which was useful as it allowed me to analyse the different types of music videos and gave me insight on what the different types of music videos there are helping me to decide which would be the most effective for me.

Overall conducting research was extremely effective  as it helped me broaden my understanding of music videos and the different genres and different types you can actually create. This was useful as it will help me save time when coming to create my music video as I will already have ideas and plans in my head I would want to fulfil.


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