Artist Mise-en-scene

This is my artist mise-en-scene presentation which includes what my main protagonists in my music video is going to be wearing and what their make-up will look like. It was important and effective to make this post because it helped broaden my understanding of what each of my characters will look like in the final product. In addition to this it will help present women in a natural and positive way.

In my music video I film a group of women traveling round and taking on a huge iconic city together (New York) without a male presence. The idea of the music video was to empower women and their independence. Therefore I decided to portray their make up and the clothes very naturally to emphasis the fact that they are strong, dominant when their alone and bare of strong makeup and clothing, to prove they are just as powerful when in casual clothes. More over I wanted them to look natural because it will help my audience to identity and relate to them and aspire to be like them.

(include picture)


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