Location Mise-en-scene

Once I had chosen the song I wanted to use it made it easier to think of locations to fit my music video and song. Completing this task was useful as it helped me broaden my ideas and explain why I would choose these locations.

Below I have selected some images from my photography of locations I wanted to shoot at… as I travelled to New York I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to film some of my music video as I wanted the city to be a main focus point in the narrative of my music video, as cities are vast, busy and have beautiful architecture which I really wanted to capture. In addition, I also discovered a variety of locations that has extremely interesting and unique glow lighting which I thought would be extremely effective and eye catching if I used some in my music video making it more appealing and entertaining for the audience watching.

More over, moving away from the idea of a busy city and bright lights, I think I also want to conduct some filming in the black box room located in the studio at school, as I believe you can capture some beautiful simplistic shots in there of close up of the artists to show the intimacy and making it easier for my audience to connect and identify with my music video and the artists starring in it. In addition as I have focused on lights in the city I will also be using different colour gels in the black box to make my music video flow and appealing to watch.


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